David Gooding has worked with a long list of successful singers, actors, dancers, and music directors, many of whom are currently working in opera and musical theatre productions on Broadway, on tour, and in Europe. His primary focus has become retraining and rehabbing the injured, abused, or difficult voice. He maintains a close relationship with the Voice Center of
the Cleveland Clinic and is a professional member of the Voice Foundation. He has worked as a musical director, conductor, and composer, with long affiliations with the Cleveland Orchestra, the Cleveland Play House, and Cleveland Opera. As a coach, teacher, and therapist, his goal is to unite
mind and body into a sure, skilled entity, enabling the performer to access their whole range of sound and movement...organizing the too often taken for granted actions of voice and motion into accessible, thoughtfully coordinated skills.

David Gooding is currently teaching exclusively in Cleveland. Please contact David to set up an appointment.

Rates are as follows:

Initial Consultation (1/2 hour): $50

Full Lesson (1 hour): $75

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